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Chalk Paint - Beauti-Tone

Home Hardware's paint expert's have provided us with a Chalk Paint Recipe:

- 1 L Designer Series Matte 1858
- Drywall Compound 1625-860

Mix 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup drywall compound into the paint. The amount of drywall compound depends on how thick you want the paint. Do not exceed 1/2 cup. The first coat is normally straight paint with no drywall compound added.

1 gallon empty paint can 1610-804
mineral spirits 1620-644
sanding blocks, fine, medium, and coarse 1061-282
paint brushes 1614-426
mini roller kit 1656-225
paste finishing wax: dark 1874-760, natural 1874-751
soft cloth 4532-812

Prep Work
Wipe the wooden surface with mineral spirits in case there is wax or polish remaining. Sand to dull the entire surface.

Everything you paint turns into original works of art. Perfection is not required when you paint. Let beauty lie in the little details, and let imperfections make it unique.

Each project shown is done a little differently to demonstrate the versatility of the chalk paint technique. We chose a palette of perfect powdery hues to consider, however you can create your own colour palette from over a thousand Beauti-Tone colours.

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